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Cost of Obtaining Medical Records in Atlanta, Georgia

You have the right to see and receive a copy of your medical records from any of your medical providers. Those records can be requested directly or through your Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney. If you had a car accident, slip and fall or other incident causing injury, your personal injury attorney will get your permission to obtain your medical records for use in resolving your case.

Under section 31-33-3 of the Georgia code, a medical provider can charge a research and recovery fee and a per page fee for copying if being provided in paper form. A fee for certification of those records can also be charged, as well as the actual cost of postage for mailing the records.

Until June 30, 2013, medical providers are allowed to charge:

a) up to $25.88 for search and retrieval of your records, plus
b) $.97/page for pages 1-20,
c) plus $.83/page for pages 21-100, plus
d) $.66/page for each page over 100.

If you or your Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney need the records to be certified, up to $9.70 can currently be charged. These fees can change as of July 1st of each year based on inflation.

If your medical records are being provided in electronic form, including x-rays and the like, the medical provider is allowed to charge the "full reasonable cost of reproduction."

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