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How Do I Protect My Rights After An Accident With Injuries?

Of course, the first thing you want to do after an accident with injuries is immediately get to a doctor. Protecting your rights to recover for damage to your body and property can also require some immediate action.

The first thing on your mind after an accident with personal injury is NOT preserving evidence (the proof of the other person's fault). Doing so, however, can be very important in later recovering for your injuries and other damages. Starting right after the accident, evidence for showing fault can begin to disappear. This is true for a car accident, motorcycle accident, and truck accident, as well as, slip and fall, trip and fall, workplace accidents, and other accidents. Eyewitnesses, police, and ambulance drivers can soon disappear, and memories can fade. Camera recordings can be deleted. Physical evidence at and layout of the scene of the accident can quickly change. Police reports can have errors which need to be addressed.

What can you or friend do after an accident:

1) Take pictures of the scene at the time of the accident, if possible.
2) Take pictures of you and your injuries.
3) If you or a friend are able, get the contact information for all witnesses while at the scene.
4) Make sure the police are clear as to what happened.
5) Immediately go to the hospital or visit your doctor.
6) If you had a vehicle accident and the car is being towed, find out where they are taking it.
7) Hire an experienced Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney.

Early safeguarding of the evidence is one of the important reasons for hiring an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as you can after an accident. Your focus needs to be on yourself and your loved ones. Let your personal injury attorney take the necessary steps to protect your rights by protecting the evidence. This can include taking pictures, recording manufacturer information, demanding protection of recordings, speaking with emergency personnel, gathering contact information and statements from witnesses, and preventing destruction of physical evidence.

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