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How Should I Pay For My Medical Bills After An Accident?

Let's take a car accident as an example where the other party is at fault. The first source of insurance will be the “medical payments” coverage under your own auto insurance policy – if you have purchased that coverage. The good thing is that is almost every situation where you use medical payments coverage and the other driver is at fault, you will not have to pay your auto insurer back for the amount of medical payments your insurer paid out. In a slip and fall type case, the medical payments coverage under the land owner's policy is available (if they will let you use it), but it will be offset against any recovery you make in the future against the landowner.

The next available insurance would be your own medical insurance policy (i.e., private medical insurance, medicaid, medicare). If you have neither medical payments coverage or a medical insurance policy, then your attorney should able to help you find medical providers that will see you based on a lien on your claim against the other driver. This would allow you to immediately get the treatment you need, and it assists in your recovery against the other driver. Once your claim is settled against the other driver, the outstanding medical bills to all providers will be paid out of the money received in your settlement. Note that medicare and medicaid have an absolute right to be reimbursed for what they have paid out of your settlement where reimbursement of your private medical insurance company takes analysis of the type of policy and the wording of the policy. Many times, your medical insurance company will make you think that

There are other insurance related situations and complications that can arise which are too numerous to address in an article and why you need to hire an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney to guide you through the process.

Be sure that you recover for all of your present and future medical expenses and pain and suffering resulting from your personal injury. The safest course is to consult with an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The facts and evidence need to be secured immediately, and your medical condition needs to be carefully monitored. Contact the Law Office Of Sidney Weinstein, 24/7, for a free accident and personal injury consultation by calling 404-522-3108. We can come to you at your home or any of the Atlanta, Georgia area hospitals including Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center.