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It can be a mistake to underestimate the attention you should give to non-moving auto accidents. Even if the other vehicle is moving at a low speed, victims can endure the same, physical, financial and emotional losses as those in automobiles also moving at the time of the accident. The police should always be called to the scene. Don't let the other driver talk you out of calling 911 – even if someone hits your parked car. You need the officer's documentation and affirmation of the collision.

Here are some examples of non-moving auto accidents, along with advice on how an Atlanta personal injury attorney can help victims get justice.

Parking Lot Crashes

Especially with how congested Atlanta has become, even your parked car is a target for damage for the inattentive or careless driver. Whether in a multilevel parking garage, pay lot or open air shopping center lot, you might remain unaware of the damage until much later. As you approach your car in a parking lot, be attentive for obvious signs of damage. Some may even choose to walk around their car before getting in to leave. Even more careful drivers make note of the license plates around them that may seem likely to cause your car damage while you are away.

If you notice damage and the person at fault has left the scene or failed to leave a note, report the damage to the management of the lot and inquire about videotape to track down the offender. If the damage is extensive and you have a high deductible and management is uncooperative, you may need to seek the assistance of an attorney to obtain the video. Unfortunately, if the person causing the damage just drove away, you may be stuck using your own insurance – thus giving you a good example of why you should have proper coverage for just such an event.

Parallel Parking Rear End Collisions

Ah, there is the perfect parking slot. You stop the car, switch into reverse and prepare to parallel park. Suddenly, a distracted or speeding driver comes out of nowhere causing a rear end collision. This type of collision can be troublesome depending on at exactly which point in the process of parallel parking the collision took place. Look around for witnesses and encourage them to wait for the police to report what they saw. Most times you are twisted in your seat to look behind you, and the force of the impact may have caused more personal injury because of the position of your body. You may not feel the effects at the time, but like in other rear-end collisions, the onset of pain can be delayed. You will have to use your good judgment whether you need to seek medical care from the scene or wait until the next day to see if you need medical attention.

Traffic Signal, Crosswalk and Stop Sign Accidents

Despite warnings and ordinances, some drivers still engage in mobile phone conversations and texting. Distracted, they can rear end a car stopped at a light, crosswalk or road sign.

Many times, these type of collisions can be more harmful to you because you are at a complete stop while being attentive to what is going on in front of your car. Most drivers only pay attention to that small area in the front of their auto. Always be aware of what is approaching from behind when coming to or at a standstill in accordance with road rules. This advice is especially important at crosswalks because many Georgians have little respect for pedestrians. They may not expect a motorist in front of them to follow the law and stop for those on foot.

As in other rear-end collisions, call 911, encourage witnesses to stay at the scene, take pictures before the cars move from their position at the scene, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Rush Hour Traffic Jam Problems

Another variation of standing still accidents is those caused by the frustration and inattentiveness during traffic jams. Anyone who uses the highways of Atlanta during rush hour already knows the metro area has some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation. Commuters spend hours starting and stopping as they slowly progress from home to the workplace or vice versa.

Anxiety can cause some to take unnecessary risks. They want to speed into a suddenly available gap, ignoring the fact that another vehicle is approaching. While trying to beat the oncoming traffic, they slam into the car sitting in the lane before them. The driver behind you is looking at their phone while inching forward and doesn't properly judge the distance or register your brake lights.

As in other collisions, call 911, encourage witnesses to stay at the scene, take pictures before the cars move from their position at the scene, if safe, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Get Professional Legal Advice if Hit While Not Moving

Drivers and passengers are more vulnerable when hit while stopped because they have an unjustified feeling of safety. Their bodies, when in this mindset, can absorb more of the effect of the impact because they are unprepared for the collision. The result can be a swinging of the neck back-and forth and injury at the points where the seat belt restrains you. Victims can experience internal damage to the soft tissues of the head, neck, back and shoulders from a motion commonly known as whiplash. Most violent collisions can cause more extensive damages.

It is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Sidney Weinstein, 24/7, at 404-522- 3108, about any auto accident in which you have been involved. Never allow insurance companies and negligent motorists try to downplay the seriousness of these collisions. We can come to you at your home or any of the Atlanta, Georgia area hospitals including Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center.