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Pelvic Fractures As You Age

In the long-term, you could experience one or more of the following problems from a pelvic fracture:

  • Limping. Once the fracture heals, pain lessens, and muscles strengthen, you may still suffer from a change in the placement of the bones and how you walk.
  • Difficulties Walking, Turning, Running and Other Mobility. Sports activities, even daily activities, may no longer be pain free. Pain and the new placement of bone and strength of muscle tissue may change how you continue to do activities you enjoyed before.
  • Nerve Damage. The pelvic area is where many nerves come together, then stretching out to the other parts of your body. Realignment of the boney structures of the pelvis can cause pressure on nerves with pain referring out to other parts of the body. Numbness in extremities can also occur and may get progressively worse.
  • Changes In The Function Of Your Body's Systems. Because each of your body's systems are also connected to your nerves, impingement of nerves can affect how your digestive system works (stomach, liver, intestines), urinary system functions (kidneys, bladder) and your sexual function may be affected (prostate, ED, muscle function).

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