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Should I Do A Recorded Statement For The Insurance Company?

Should I Do A Recorded Statement For The Insurance Company?

Different Atlanta, Georgia, personal injury attorneys have different opinions on allowing recorded statements after an accident with injuries. Many attorneys believe that allowing a recorded statement is giving the insurance adjuster "2 bites at the apple" - one before and one after a lawsuit would be filed. They are also concerned with possible differences with a later statement if a lawsuit must be filed. You may say something by mistake or without thinking which puts the insurance adjuster off. The recorded statement may complicate your claim. Their may be a personalty conflict between you and the insurance adjuster that can negatively affect your case. I recently had just this type of situation. In turn, getting a fair settlement without filing a lawsuit may then not be possible.

Other personal injury attorneys feel that giving a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster is OK -- that the insurance company's attorney will ask tougher questions than the adjuster if your claim ends up in litigation. Cooperation when you have nothing to hide may go a long way to getting a good settlement without a lawsuit.

Both groups of attorneys can be right. The decision to give or not give the statement can be based on the facts of the accident and injuries, your condition, and your knowledge. Bottom line – Making that decision is best left to your accident injury attorney.

One important twist in this process comes when you are making a claim with your own car or truck insurance company. You may be seeking money for damage to your auto or coverage under the uninsured motorist or medical payments parts of your policy. Most personal auto insurance policies require you to cooperate when it is your policy. If you do not cooperate, then the insurance company can deny you the coverage. In addition, you don't want to delay in reporting your accident, because your insurance company can also deny you coverage if you wait too long.

Following the rule of "better safe than sorry," limit your contact with, at least, the insurance adjuster for the person who caused your injuries until after you speak with an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney. Be mindful that anytime you speak with the insurance adjuster, whether you called them or they called you, you are most likely being recorded.

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