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The Difficulties in Settling Auto Accident Claims Without Filing a Lawsuit When There Are Only Soft Tissue Injuries


A whiplash injury is a result of the head moving rapidly back and forth. It is much like the motion of a whip, hence its name. As you can imagine or you may have experienced on Atlanta, Georgia's roads, this is a common personal injury in rear-end auto accidents. The most commonly noted symptoms are headaches, stiffness and neck pain, but can also mean torn soft tissue and scarring leading to future, long-term discomfort and problems.

Long-Term Effect of Soft Tissue Injury:

Since we were discussing whiplash, let’s look at the long-term diagnosis of this specific soft tissue injury. Although some people will experience symptoms for only a few months and never have any flare ups, some people will suffer for the rest of their lives. In fact, a study followed 43 whiplash patients for 10 years producing interesting results. These patients all suffered the type of soft tissue injury associated with whiplash, and an astounding 43% of them were still suffering significant effects of their whiplash injury 10 years after their accident leading to personal injury. Another 12% of them were still not fully healed from the trauma associated with their injury.

What Does This Mean?

This study shows how common it is for symptoms to linger even years after an accident causing personal injury and soft tissue damage. In addition, 35% of all those injured in motor vehicle collisions had delayed symptoms. In other words, they had no ill effects, indicating personal injury, immediately after the accident, but later, began to develop problems.
The fact that a soft tissue injury can negatively impact your life for years to come means you should need to get the compensation you deserve NOW if you are a victim of an accident with personal injuries. This is true even if you aren't experiencing symptoms at the present time.

If you are not certain of what to do after an accident, the safest course is to consult with an Atlanta, Georgia accident injury attorney as soon as possible. Contact the Law Office Of Sidney Weinstein, 24/7, for a free accident and personal injury consultation by calling 404-522-3108. We can come to you at your home or any of the Atlanta, Georgia area hospitals including Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center.