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The Hospital Filed A Lien Against Me Even Though I Have Medical Insurance For My Car Accident Injuries!

They may tell you that your medical insurance carrier won't pay for charges related to an auto accident or just not submit the bills. You are noticed that a hospital lien was filed against you for the full amount of the charges. This may happen even though the hospital is required to accept your insurance and submit the bills.

Why Would Medical Treatment For Personal Injuries From An Auto Accident Be Different?

Though such practice has not been formally challenged, it is the opinion of some personal injury attorneys that some hospitals have found that they can earn more while costing you a lot of money when medical treatment is related to an auto accident. The percentage of total charges that will be paid by the medical insurance carrier is much less than what a hospital could demand from what you receive at the end of your personal injury claim under a "hospital lien." Most medical insurance companies also have a limit of 1 year from date of medical treatment in which they will accept bills. Even if a hospital lien was not filed and the 1 year passes, the hospital is still in a position to demand more than what your medical insurance company would have paid.

Let's Look At A Hypothetical:

The hospital emergency room bills total $5,000.00. If the hospital submits the bills to the medical insurance carrier, it may receive $1,500.00 (or 30% of total charges) and have to write-off the balance. You pay nothing to the hospital (except maybe a copay or deductible depending on the insurance policy).

What if instead the hospital does not submit the bills to the medical insurance company, keeps the bill as outstanding, hires a law firm to file a hospital lien, and waits for your personal injury, auto accident case to be resolved? At that point, the hospital can enforce its lien at the full amount of the original hospital charges thereby bypassing the benefits you should receive for having medical insurance. In turn, you may pay up to $5,000.00 out the money you recover for your personal injuries and the hospital makes much more than 30% of their total charges.

Make sure that you or a family member provide your medical insurance information when you are admitted to the emergency room. The hospital may also seek to submit the bills to your auto insurance carrier, assuming you have "medical payments" coverage, because "medpay" coverage is deemed "primary" (or the first insurance policy obligated to pay). The hospital staff may or may not ask for your auto insurance information. Hospitals like when you have "medpay" coverage, because they can also recover a higher percentage of the medical service charges from your auto insurance carrier.

Your personal injury attorney can make sure that you receive the maximum benefit from all the types of medical insurance coverage you possess. If you are not certain of what to do after an accident, the safest course is to consult with an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The facts need to be nailed down as soon as possible. Contact the Law Office Of Sidney Weinstein, 24/7, for a free accident and personal injury consultation by calling 404-522-3108. We can come to you at your home or any of the Atlanta, Georgia area hospitals including Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center.