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What You Shouldn't Do After an Accident:

Avoid Calling The Cops:

First, its the law to call the police after an auto accident. Furthermore, you complicate your insurance recovery without a police report. After an accident when you are sure the other driver is at fault, that driver might try to talk you out of calling 911. Call yourself or find someone to call 911 if you can't. You want to be sure you can hold the other driver responsible for your personal injuries and the damage to your vehicle. Always call the police immediately after an auto accident whether or not there are personal injuries. Never allow someone to talk you into an "under-the-table" deal to walk away from the accident.

Lose Your Cool:

Your vehicle is a huge investment and seeing it damaged can cause all sorts of emotions. If you have personal injuries, you may be in pain. There may be a question as to who caused the auto accident. However, you must avoid losing your cool. You don’t want to get into a confrontation with the other drive or show your anger, if any, which can be interpreted to be the an indication of fault for the collision. You will also be seen in a better light by the police officer and other emergency personnel who respond to the scene which can have an important effect on how their observations are written down. Obviously, you do not want to make the situation worse by getting into a physical confrontation which could lead to injury and possible criminal charges.

Admit Fault:

This is a big one. Be careful what you say at the scene about the events right before the auto collision unless you are absolutely sure that you are correct. Many times we think things happened in a certain way only to reflect on it later and realize the course of events could not possibly have happened the way you first thought. Little "throw-away" comments may come back to haunt you later when you make a claim. This also goes for speaking with your and/or the other driver's insurance company before you speak with an Atlanta, Georgia attorney. You don't want to delay in contacting your insurance company, because your policy requires you to report the accident soon thereafter, so get some advice from an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible. It may be that the police officer and witnesses have a different interpretation of the scene. Sometimes you won’t realize you are admitting fault, but simply saying “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” is enough to prove fault. Therefore, avoid saying anything at the scene, either to the cops or to the other driver or witnesses that might be considered an admission of fault (even partial fault). If you make the 911 call, you may also want to avoid describing how the auto accident occurred and wait until the police officer arrives. All 911 calls are recorded, and even though the collision may clearly not be your fault, you may say something that will be misconstrued at a later date.

Talk to Other Driver's Attorney or Insurance Company:

It is best to avoid speaking with the other driver’s attorney or insurance company. Sometimes insurance companies will call you and try to get you to admit fault for the wreck or say something incriminating. They often do this on the pretense of wanting information from you about the incident. Even though you think you are being careful of what you are saying, seemingly insignificant statements can, again, come back to haunt you later. But what if your auto damage needs to be addressed sooner than later? This is another excellent reason to contact an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an auto accident.

Be sure that you recover for all of your present AND future medical expenses and pain and suffering resulting from your personal injury. The safest course is to consult with an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The facts and evidence need to be secured immediately, and your medical condition needs to be carefully monitored. Contact the Law Office Of Sidney Weinstein, 24/7, for a free accident and personal injury consultation by calling 404-522-3108. We can come to you at your home or any of the Atlanta, Georgia area hospitals including Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center.