bicycle accidents

Bicycle accidents can result in serious injury, and a lot of times, death. Similar to car accidents, there is usually somebody at fault. Typically, when accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles happen, it is usually the result of the drivers negligence, and in some cases, the rider themselves. Bicyclists involved in an injury with a motor vehicle need to seek legal help immediately – I have the knowledge and experience to fight for every dollar that is owed to you.

When cyclists sue to recover damages for injuries from bicycle accidents, sustained with a car, the outcome often depends on only 2 questions:

  1. Did negligence (or recklessness) on the part of the driver cause the accident and resulting injuries to the cyclist?
  2. Did any negligence of the bicyclist cause or contribute to the accident?

The entire case can sometimes be determined by which of these 2 questions is accurate.

Negligence from drivers can come in a variety of ways. Drivers who are impaired, speeding, eating under-aged, texting while driving or doing anything else other than responsible driving, can be held liable if they cause an accident with a bicycle. Some scenarios can be harder to prove, especially when the cyclist is sharing a roadway with cars, and going around corners or other obstacles making it difficult to be seen.

A cyclist can be negligent is several ways, some of which may include, riding the wrong direction/riding into traffic, riding the wrong way down a one-way road, running a stop sign, riding into traffic, crossing the road illegally or otherwise not obeying the same laws of the road drivers are upheld to.

If a cyclist is injured in a bicycle accident with another car, and can be proven negligent, strong chances are, they will not be able to recover any damages for their injuries. Furthermore, should the cyclist’s negligence cause an accident and the driver sustains injuries, the driver can actually sue the cyclist for damages.