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Bicycle Versus Vehicle: Status On The Road

Drivers get annoyed with bicycle riders who ride in the middle of the lane and make it difficult for the driver to get past. Bicycle riders get annoyed with car and truck drivers who honk at them and almost sideswipe the bike riders as the drivers pass. Driver and rider each think the other one…

A Car Hit Me On My Bike In Atlanta, Georgia

As when two cars are involved in an accident, Georgia state laws and local ordinances will decide which party is at fault when a car and you collide while riding your bike.  Locating witnesses and any video recordings, if any, will be important.  Pictures of damage to the car and the specific location of the…

What If The Person Who Hit Me Was On The Job?

In many instances, this can be a better situation, because his/her employer most likely has better insurance than the driver.  This type of claim would be based on the legal theory of respondent superior.  An analysis of the facts needs to be made first to be sure the employer’s insurance is accessible for a claim.…

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