Truck Accidents

Accidents with big trucks happen, and when they do, Sid Weinstein Law Firm will be here to protect your interests. If you were involved in an accident with a big rig, dump truck, delivery truck, 18-wheeler or any other type of large commercial truck and suffered injuries, Sid Weinstein will personally work with you to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible – No case workers or paralegals will be involved. Even if you feel fine initially after the accident, underlying injuries can develop. You have a short window to make a claim – call me RIGHT NOW, DON’T DELAY┬átel:404-522-3108

There are a staggering number of truck-related accidents every year, to the tune of over 500,000, with over 5,000 of those accidents resulting in fatalities. More and more, there is an epidemic with distracted driving, and in some cases involving truck drivers, driving under the influence has contributed to accidents and fatalities also. Truck drivers need to be held to the highest possible standards of the law. In some cases, the trucks that they drive weigh 20 times more than the average vehicle, making them much more of a liability. If you were injured due to a negligent truck driver, you are entitled to the maximum compensation under the law, and I will personally work to get you just that. Call me now: tel:404-522-3108

truck accidents

Why do you need an attorney for truck accidents?

I often receive phone calls from trucking-accident survivors, and sometimes they wonder whether or not it is worth suing for damages, or if they really even need an attorney. A lot of times, they think they cannot afford an attorney, so they settle out and take whatever the insurance company is going to give them – That is a huge mistake.

Hiring me as your attorney, will not only take the stress off your shoulders, but it will give you one less thing to worry about while you are recovering from your accident. Since Georgia is an at fault state, you can let me handle the burden of proving the other party is to blame.

Attempting to handle your case alone, without legal representation, would be virtually impossible as there are far too many laws and too much red tape… The trucking company’s corporate insurance provider would offer you a very small amount of money, and you alone wouldn’t have the power or ability to hold them accountable to pay you what you deserve.

The best news of all, is that there are NO upfront or out-of-pocket expenses when you hire me to represent you, and you do not pay at all unless I win for you.