1. Your personal injury case is carefully and aggressively handled as if it were our own.
  2. You speak with an attorney not a paralegal, secretary or voicemail.
  3. You speak with an attorney who understands and responds to the personal issues with which you are dealing since you were injured.
  4. Regular access to your attorney.
  5. Many years of experience.
  6. Personal attention & guidance through the entire process of a legal claim for personal injuries due the fault of another person or company.

Personal injury attorneys, just like the Sid Weinstein Law Firm, get paid only when you receive money for your injuries and damages. The Sid Weinstein Law Firm will sign a written agreement with you that says it will give you legal representation on a “contingency basis” (meaning it receives part of the total amount recovered and only when it is recovered) instead of charging you hourly. That way, the Sid Weinstein Law Firm has an incentive to work hard for you, handle your case as if it were it’s own, and recover the maximum amount of money.

There are many questions to be asked and facts to discovered before that can be decided, such as:

  1. Who was at fault?
  2. Is there evidence (eyewitnesses, video, pictures, physical evidence) of the other person’s fault?
  3. Are there injuries and damages for which you can be compensated?
  4. Is there a source from which money can be recovered for your damages?

You should not wait for answers to these and more questions before you contact the Sid Weinstein Law Firm.  The law firm can assist and guide you through

Damages can include:

  1. Medical costs and expenses (present and future).
  2. Lost wages or income.
  3. Lost earning capacity.
  4. Permanent physical, mental and/or emotional impairment.
  5. Pain & suffering.

If an insurance adjuster is calling you about your insurance coverage, you are required to speak with him/her.  If an insurance adjuster is contacting you about the at-fault person’s insurance coverage, you should avoid speaking with him/her until you speak to a personal injury attorney with the Sid Weinstein Law Firm.  They are recording all calls, and you don’t want to say something that will compromise your case.

As attorneys like to say – It Depends.  There are many moving parts to a personal injury case including:

  1. how extensive are your injuries.
  2. how long does your medical treatment take.
  3. how much insurance is available to compensate you.
  4. how the facts of your case encourage the insurance company to settle early.
  5. does a lawsuit have to be filed.

That being said, it could take anywhere from 2 months to 2 years.

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