Should I Contact A Personal Injury Attorney?


Absolutely and the sooner the better after you, a family member or a friend have had an accident, been injured or been mistreated by another person or a company.  You don’t want to compromise your claim by doing or saying the wrong thing.  Also, evidence that may disappear if too much time goes by needs to be secured with the help of an attorney.  It won’t cost you anything to have a consultation with a personal injury attorney at the Sid Weinstein Law Firm about the incident which has caused you injury, so you might as well seek out a professional opinion, advice and guidance.  Two words of caution:

  1. Speak only to an attorney when you call any law firm for your consultation as is assured at the Sid Weinstein Law Firm.
  2. Hang up if you receive an unsolicited call from someone saying they are calling about your accident and personal injuries.