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Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Law Firm

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Cerebral Plasy /  Medical Negligence


Motor Vehicle Trucking Accident


Cerebral Plasy /  Medical Negligence


Nursing Home Abuse

We Have A Nationwide Network

Our network of agents consists of friendly professionals, predominantly retired police officers. Whether your client needs a home visit or telephone appointment, they will be assigned to a local agent who will patiently gather information to complete or compile legal documents to do your clients case justice.

We believe in quality over quantity. We only employ qualified agents with great people skills to act on your behalf as we understand they are representing your company’s professionalism.

Why Choosing Us?

  • An honest, personal approach and an excellent rapport with solicitors, agents and clients
  • 15 years experience as a reputable and reliable support network
  • Simple and effective processes and full ownership of delivery
  • A transparent pricing structure and set nationwide fees
  • Outstanding conversion rates and turnaround times

Our Attorneys

Micheal Clarke

Professional Legal Secretary

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Micheal Jordan

Legal Secretary

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Bratt Lee

Notary Public

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“Sidney Weinstein has helped me with a number of Real Estate transactions as well as commercial contracts, non-disclosure agreements and vendor agreements. Sidney also has a strong understanding of financial

Vincent S.

“If you are seeking a professional, knowledgeable, and persistent attorney to handle your case, you need to contact Weinstein & Associates. Mr. Weinstein has always been easy to contact and

Kim B.

“Mr. Weinstein has done legal work for my family and businesses for over 15 years. He is extremely well versed in a wide variety of legal matters and is very

William K

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    E-51, Phase B, Industrial Area Mohali, Punjab


    E-51, Phase B, Industrial Area Mohali, Punjab


    E-51, Phase B, Industrial Area Mohali, Punjab

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